Texas Barber License

Texas Barber License

Many people now would like to be a barber as it is a very beneficial and lucrative job. The area continues to grow and develop. Besides, the salary is very high. This is why the demand is very high.

What are the requirements for the Texas barber license?

If you want to become a master you have to be at least 16 years old, but for becoming an instructor or specialty the minimum age is 18. As there are different types of certificates, the requirements for them are also different.

For example, for class A, you are to have 1,000 hours completed. In the case of the instructor, one must have 750 hours of work as a class A specialist and 500 as an instructor in special courses.

As for technicians, they demand 300, and for manicures 600 hours. In the case of both at the same time, you need to have 900. For weaving specialty, they demand 300. As for the technician and weaver together, you must have 600.

Based on the above-mentioned factors, you receive the corresponding type. Note that they may have various conditions when applying for one in another country.

The application process for the Texas barber license

The first step is to graduate from a training program with a duration of about 1500 hours. You are to fill out a special form about a student permit. This is your enrollment ticket. After this, you may start to count.

There are a number of areas but you have to have training at least in one of them so that they consider you to be eligible. After this period, they send you written notice. When you receive this, it means you are to go to the second phase which is the examination period.

So, the second step refers to the written or practical exam. In the case of the first, you are given 100 minutes. You are to sit and write a test. The latter includes various topics like hair coloring, shampooing, or sterilizing your workspace during work.

This is of course not free and you are to pay a $55 fee. There are a number of cities that you go to for taking the exam like Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

The next part is practical, during which the applicants try to show their skills and put them into use. For this, they are given 180 minutes. To put it in other words, this part has a practical approach.

The location for this part also varies including Amarillo, El Paso, DFW Metroplex, Greater, etc.

And the third step is obtaining the initial certificate. Note that you have to pay the $55 fee so that the Board could issue the document.

How much does it cost?

The costs differ. It depends on the school that you choose. The money varies between $2,000 and $11,000. If the school delivers highly specialized practices the cost may be higher. You may consider the purchase of the pieces of equipment as well.

Renewal of the Texas barber license

According to the rules, you are to renew your documents every two years. When the time comes, they send you a packet by mail. However, if they do not send you anything, you can apply for the renewal online.

Reciprocity Procedures

In this case, there is a probability of missing all the above-mentioned steps. For example, you can ask for reciprocity if you have a certificate from another state. If you meet the requirements or your document is better than the version that this state provides, then fill out the reciprocity form.

For this, the fee is $110. The address that you must send the paperwork and the fee is the following:

TX Department of Licensing and Regulation
PO Box 12157 Austin,
TX 78711-2157

A note for the reader

In the end, we would like to let you know that you can learn more about the state and not only. For example, if you want to read about TX security certificate, go by the link. There you’ll find all the necessary information.

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