Texas Electrician License

Texas Electrician License

In the state of Texas, the major of an electrician is anticipated to increase in the next few years. Accordingly, there will be new workplaces for licensed electricians in pursuit of a new job.

As you may guess, you must obtain a Texas electrician license to become a licensed electrician. To do so, go through this article and find out what requirements you will need to complete for electrician licensure in the state.

How to get your electrician license in Texas

Gain professional experience or complete approved courses

To begin with, you should complete required hours of training and gain experience as an electrician. Future residential wiremen need 4,000 hours of experience, whereas journeyman electricians need 8,000 hours.

As you may see, the number of experience hours depends on the type of electrician license you want to get.

Some applicants prefer going to a Board-approved trade school and completing electrician courses. The courses provide applicants with required knowledge, including topics on:

  • Commercial wiring
  • Programmable controllers
  • Tech electrical
  • Arc welding
  • Fiber optic electrical
  • Standard first aid
  • Conduit bending for electrical

In general, trade schools provide the opportunity to gain experience by working under the supervision of a master electrician. This is actually a good way of learning, obtaining new skills and gaining experience. However, you may choose to apply for an apprenticeship position instead of going to a trade school.

In conclusion, apprenticeships are suitable for those, who already have work experience. Trade schools, on the other hand, provide educational background and are suitable for those, who want knowledge with experience.

Submit application

Once you have gained experience and completed required hours of training, it is time to apply for the license.

If you want to apply for your apprentice license, then you should go through this link and pay the $20 fee.

Those, who want to obtain a residential wireman or a journeyman license, must finish apprenticeship and submit the application form to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Electrician license examinations

Once the Board accepts the license application, you must take and pass the electrician examination. In addition to this, you should click here, create an account and sign up. Afterwards, you should click on the “schedule a test” button, provide the trade school/ apprentice company name and choose “journeyman” or “wireman”.

The Residential wireman exam comprises of $64 80 questions, while the journeyman exam comprises of 85 questions (five non-scored). You will have 240 minutes for each exam.

The former will cost you $64, while the other is $78.

Once you successfully pass the exam, you can work as a licensed electrician and gain more experience. As a result, you will be eligible to become a master electrician and move to higher job positions.

Given these points, it is important to know that master electricians enjoy broader job opportunities and typically earn more money than others. Thus, you should start the licensing journey as soon as possible in order to succeed as an electrician.

Do you need a license to be an electrician in Texas?

Yes, the state of Texas requires holding an electrician license to legally work in the state. Consequently, you must apply to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and obtain a license.

List of states that accept a Texas electrician license

The following states have reciprocal agreements with the state of Texas, and, therefore, recognize the Texas electrician license: Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wyoming.

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