Texas Marriage License

Texas Marriage License

Being proposed is probably one of the most beautiful things in a person’s life. Texas State has many nice places where you can spend your special day with your beloved ones. Being excited is normal, but don’t forget about the most important thing; the Texas marriage license.

How to get a Texas marriage license?

People say, that solving the legal issues before your wedding is equal to the answer “I do” when you propose to someone. Then, why miss your chance if you can make it easily. Let’s consider all the requirements you need to apply for a Texas marriage license.

The appliance process includes the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you and your partner must apply for the marriage license in person, at the county’s Clerk’s office.
  2. Have some documents that will indicate proof of age and identity. The paperwork must include driver’s license, birth certificates or passports. You may also need to present your social security numbers or physical social security card.
  3. As you fill it, have your sign on the application. You should do this in front of the clerk, except the cases when you can’t be present. However, in that case, you can ask your partner to sign it instead of you.
  4. To finish, do your payments (license fees) and wait till you get your Texas marriage license.

Required Documentation

According to the state law, the accepted age for getting married is 18. This is the reason why each county needs documentation proof of the licensee’s age and identification. Texas State requires it in the form of a few documents.

You don’t need to worry about the insurance of you paperwork. No one will damage or tear them. The office uses them to verify your personal information. For the Texas marriage license they need your legal name which is recorded in your identification.

The paperwork mainly consists of:

  • U.S./foreign passport
  • Driver’s license
  • ID card issued by Texas/another state
  • Original/certified birth certificate
  • Military ID card (if necessary)
  • Photo identification
  • Social Security number
  • Current address

Previous marriages

The existence of previous marriages can have an impact on many things. Moreover, each applicant must prove that he or she hasn’t got divorced during the last thirty days. If they have, they must show a certified copy of the divorce decree.

Wedding destination

If you get your marriage license in one county, it doesn’t mean you can’t get married in other counties of the state. It is valid in all the counties throughout Texas.

However, it is under the question whether you can do your wedding ceremony in another country or state. You should make it clear by asking from the clerk’s office where you have got your license and by studying the state law.

Other Requirements

  • The couple doesn’t need to do any tests, like blood tests.
  • You can get officially married without any witnesses.
  • Applicants don’t have to be a resident of the state to get married formally. Texas is famous as a nice spot for destination weddings.
  • If you are younger than 18 you will need either parental consent or a court order regarded as a permission to get married.

How much is the fee for a marriage license in Texas?

Love is free, but the Texas marriage license can cost some money. As government issues marriage licenses at the county level, the price varies from county to county. The current marriage license fee is from $60 to $80 (depending on the county).

The current fee for most counties is around $70. However, if you have any problems and can’t afford it, you can get a discount. If you and your partner are Texas residents, just complete a premarital class. The state gives it for free and you receive $60 discount.

Some counties take only cash, others accept credit cards as well. However, consider having both before applying for your Texas marriage license. Also take into account that for informal marriage licenses you can pay less (about $50) and if you are a non-resident an additional $100 is plus to the initial fee.

How long is a marriage license good for in Texas?

The shortest period between the appliance and issue of a Texas marriage license is 72 hour. Only after that you can have a legal marriage. The marriage license is valid for 90 days after its issue and you have 30 days to return it to the Clerk after the ceremony.

This is why you need to apply for your license as soon as possible. Do it at least three days before your wedding to make your marriage legally valid. After those 90 days of validity, the license date expires and you need to apply for a new one.

The waiting period can change when:

  • Partners complete a state offered premarital education class.
  • Applicants who are active duty military.

To get more information, turn to your local county Clerk. They will give you other details about the exceptions to the waiting period.

Where can I get a copy of marriage license in Texas?

The place where you can get any document connected with your Texas marriage license is the county clerk’s office. That must be the one where you have applied for your license.

To get any paperwork you just need to either visit the office or send a mail request. The request should include the required information and fees (if necessary).

Moreover, you can get a certified copy not only of a marriage license but also of a divorce decree (in case you need that too).

Who can sign a marriage license in Texas?

This is one of the responsibilities of the wedding officiant, who must turn in the completed marriage license to the county. That person has to do the following steps one after another:

  • Record the names of the couple on the license
  • Write the date of the wedding ceremony
  • Mention the county where the ceremony will take place
  • Put a signature in the end

After all this, the officiant must send it to the county Clerk no later than 30 days have passed after the wedding. The office in its turn will copy and file the license after receiving it. The original one must be sent to the couple via mail.

In the role of the wedding officiant can be:

  • Licensed or ordained ministers of any church
  • Priests or rabbis
  • Commissioners of courts
  • Judges of the Superior Court

How Can I apply for a marriage license online in Texas?

As we all know, due to pandemic situation almost everything is done online. Getting your marriage is not an exception either. The offices’ websites can fill out and save the license applications online.

However, the couple must be present at the Clerk’s office for receiving the license. They should sign and get the marriage license in person. Moreover, each applicant will have to answer to additional questions to get the license.

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