Texas Nursing License

Texas Nursing License

Texas is one of the best states for nursing. The state of Texas offers the highest average starting salary in the nation for professional nurses. Hence, becoming a licensed nurse in Texas can be absolutely worth it.

To qualify for a licensed nurse, one should obtain a nursing license. The Texas nursing license lookup has relevant information on the most common questions that students/applicants may have.

How do I get a nursing license in Texas?

Generally, the process of obtaining a nursing license may be rather long. That is why you should understand the process of licensure, going through the steps and tips below.

It does not matter, whether you want to become a registered or vocational nurse. You will still need to meet some requirements for nurse licensure.

Get your licensed vocational nurse license

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is the same as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). The thing is that Texas and California use the term LVN, whereas other US states prefer to use term LPN.

To become a licensed vocational nurse, you should, in the first place, take your time and complete a professional nursing program. It is highly important that the nursing program is approved by the Board. Otherwise, you may have troubles concerning the licensing procedure.

Professional nursing programs prepare you to take the licensing exam- NCLEX. To take the exam, you should register here and pay $200 for each examination attempt.

Texas Nursing Jurisprudence Exam

There is also a jurisprudence exam to take. It consists of 50 questions. You will have two hours to answer those questions.

In case you fail, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam after seven days.

To register for the exam, and to educate yourself on the jurisprudence exam, follow this link.

Get your registered nurse license

If you want to become a registered nurse, there are some requirements for you, too. To start with, you must have graduated from a high school and hold your high school diploma.

Getting professional education is the key. You should graduate from a professional board-approved nursing program. In case the program is approved by another state, you will not have any problems. However, problems will be inevitable if the program is not authorized.

Complete background check

Another major requirement is to undergo a criminal background check. It will check whether you are eligible to get your nursing license or not.

Note that past crimes or felonies might have a bad influence on the nurse licensure. However, this fact does not refer to all cases, as the board usually pays attention to the nature of a crime, its circumstances, and how much time has passed since then.

Apply for the license and register for the exam

The state of Texas requires applicants to submit their applications 120 days before they graduate from a professional nursing program.

To apply for the license, to must submit the application to the Texas Board of Nursing.

Note that you can also work temporarily as a graduate nurse while you wait for the license.

The next step is to register for the NCLEX-RN and pass the exam. To register, click here. The examination fee is $200 per attempt.

In addition to exam, it is important to know that you are required to take and pass the jurisprudence exam as well to become a registered nurse.

Contact information

Texas Board of Nursing
William P. Hobby Building
333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460
Austin, TX 78701-3944

How to renew a nursing license in Texas

In the state of Texas, the nursing license is due to expire every two years. Thus, you will need to complete the renewal process.

To renew, you should complete the application and turn it to the Texas Board of Nursing. You should pay $65 for renewal.

Another main point is that you will have to complete 20 hours, which relate to the field of expertise.

Is Texas a compact state for nursing?

Nurse Licensure Compact allows nurses of the member states to practice with clients across the US states, which participate in the NLC.

The state of Texas is also a member of the NLC. The state grants professional nurses the opportunity to meet the challenges of modern health care. Moreover, it provides borderless nursing services in other NLC states.

Given these points, a multistate license helps you find a job in the nursing sphere in one of the member states. This way, the health care system gets the chance to obtain a professional personnel, experienced employees.

How long does it take to get a Texas nursing license by endorsement?

The time it will take the online endorsement application to be review and issued is fifteen business days.

To apply for nurse licensure by endorsement, you should have graduated from an approved program, taken the given exam.

If you fail to meet the above-mentioned requirements, you will not be eligible to apply by endorsement. Thus, you application will be rejected.

In case you need more information, follow this link.

How long does it take to become a registered nurse in Texas?

From the time of your application, it will take you about two weeks to obtain your nursing license as a registered nurse in Texas.

Nonetheless, the whole licensing period is going to be much longer. The reason for this is that you will need to attend a nursing program and earn your degree. If you choose to earn an Associate degree (AND), then it will typically take you two years. Whereas, if you choose to earn a Bachelor’s degree, then it will take you four years.

Regardless of all these efforts, that you will need to make, the Texas nursing license will be worth it. It provides a variety of benefits, high salaries and the potential to grow.

The average RN makes about $74k a year. In addition to this, there are many huge medical centers and healthcare systems across the state. Moreover, Texas offers job opportunities in hospitals, home health care and skilled nursing facilities.

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