Texas Banned License Plates

Texas Banned License Plates

Today, we will tell you about Texas banned license plates and the main reasons for their rejection. So, if you have just moved here or need a new pattern, continue reading. Here you can find a lot of useful information on vanity patterns regulations in the state. Make sure to check all the laws and regulations before applying for a vehicle number in the State of Texas.

What are vanity plates?

License numbers, indeed, are a good way to give a personal touch to your vehicle. They let you personalize your car or motorcycle and make them look unique. That is why many people here prefer unique numbers to general ones. Thus, the combinations contain digits and letters. Not to forget about special characters in some cases.

Why are there so many banned license plates in Texas?

As you know, in the US, the state administers the whole process of plate issuance. You can read about Montana or Vermont as well. So, if you want to purchase a vanity number, you should fill out an application and submit it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is the body that decides the laws and regulations for the patterns.

However, there are some strict rules that one must follow before applying for a personalized license plate.

  • You cannot request a plate that already exists.
  • The vanity pattern shall not be offensive for a group of people, religion, race, nationality, belief, political view, color, gender, orientation, etc.
  • In case your pattern has sexual connotations, or intimate body parts, sexual acts, excretory functions, the DMV can reject it.
  • Any combination holding “69” format cannot be admissible for the DMV.
  • You cannot use vulgar, offensive, derogatory words, curse words, swear, etc.
  • The DMV does not accept any word or combination that refers to gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, no matter if it is insulting or not.
  • Describing, encouraging, promoting, advocating illegal activity, gangs, violence, crime is not acceptable.
  • Advertising, promoting, encouraging illegal drugs, controlled substances, or anything connected with illegal drugs will be rejected.
  • Any reference to law enforcement, military branches, governmental entities, and their titles is not tolerable and is going to be rejected.
  • And at last, you cannot use any pattern that is kept for any restricted use licenses.

Some examples of Banned licenses

MEANMF, FUBAR2, FNFUN, KISMYS, and other combinations are not admissible due to the assaulting meaning they contain. In these cases, the rude words are not obvious, but the DMV found out the real meanings.

AZZ, TEAT, TITSUP, TITEZ, TBOOBES, THORNY1, ASASSIN – these examples contain intimate body parts, sexual meanings, and most of them are not evident.

Do personalized license numbers cost money?

In reality, these plates usually cost more than the general. You may need to pay $55 for one year if you purchase a specialty plate in the state. Later you must pay only a lower fee to renew the license number of your vehicle. To stay updated, you will need to follow the DMV decisions from time to time.

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