Texas Plumbing License

Texas Plumbing License

To become an authorized pipe fitter in TX, you should know all essential requisitions. In short, after reading this article you will obtain your permission without breaking the law and being fined for it. Thus, let’s check out the requirements written below together.

Texas Plumbing License Requirements

Is it illegal to do the job in the state without allowance? -Yes it is.
Therefore, for getting a license, you need:

  • to perform three-piece testing: 1 written and 2 hands-on;
  • a finalized application form;
  • high school degree or GED (General Educational Development) document;
  • a valid experience document;
  • an existing learner registration.

The costs

In TX, there are four different categories of permissions. To say it another way, each category has its own set of fees:

Tradesman Plumber-Limited:

  • Test price: $36
  • Initial enrollment value: $35
  • Renewal payment: $35


  • Test price: $40
  • Initial enrollment value: $40
  • Renewal payment: $40


  • Test price: $175
  • Initial enrollment cost: $75
  • Renewal payment: $75


  • Test price: $55
  • The preliminary enrollment cost: $55
  • Renewal payment: $55


  • A $15 enrollment payment

How to get a Plumber’s License in Texas?

On-the-job training:

  • Firstly, register as a pipe fitter student.
  • Secondly, begin to operate under the direct supervision of an authorized contractor.
  • Lastly, register before counting the duration of employment in the trade.


Most importantly, you should submit all necessary documentation about your employment experience: the Employer Certification Form, ECF (early career frame) signed by the responsible master.


Following the previous steps, the next action is to pass the exam. After successfully taking the exam you should pay a fee to obtain your certificate. Yet, progressing up the ranking of permissions, the expenses will increase and the exam will become stricter.

Criminal Background check:

Further, it is necessary to conduct a criminal background check. To explain, in case you have committed a crime and have been convicted before, you have to present a Supplemental Criminal History Information Form.

How long does it take to get permission?

Tradesman Plumber-Limited:

  • At least 4,000 hr of employment experience as a learner
  • 24 hr of Board-approved training
  • Examination


  • 8,000 working hr in the trade
  • 48 hr of Board-approved training
  • Examination


  • Holding a Journeyman permit
  • 8,000 hr of experience in the trade
  • Examination

In addition, each level of licensing necessitates more training and assignments. As a result, they allow you to labor in a wider range of areas.


As it is stated, you need to renew your permission every 3 years in Texas. The renewal will be worth $111.

Online Classes

Obviously, there are numerous online classes available. Meanwhile, during the courses, you can study a 2-year degree program in technology. Besides, you’ll learn about water distribution systems, safety procedures, and pipe fitting.


If you are authorized in another place, you, therefore, must submit to TSBPE a letter from the licensing body on official letterhead. Additionally, the authority should mention the length of time the permit has been held.

On the other hand, it is vital to know that there are no reciprocal licensing arrangements between Texas and any other state.

In short, to receive a qualified contractor authentication in TX, you need to follow the steps TSBPE requires. But, be aware that these requirements are subject to change in the future. Consequently, to escape from any inconvenience, follow official pages for any upcoming changes.

Informative Assistance

The confidential hotline of the TSBPE offers a referral service. For more information, you can contract to:
Phone: +1 512-936-5200

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